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The British TaekwonDo Council

UK Sport
Recognised by the Sports Council as the
only Governing Body for TaeKwon Do in
the United Kingdom
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BTC Tutors

BTC Tutors receive training and updates to deliver the BTC Registered Instructor course.  Instructors should check their Member Organisation's website for course dates and venues.  These courses will normally be held in March each year.  BTC Tutors are the first port of call for BTC Registered Instructors with queries about BTC policies and procedures.  BTC Registered Instructors will be given their BTC Tutors contact details at the course.  This information may also be obtained through the Head Office of each Member Organisation.

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Beddows, Carol
Membership No:20053933
Beddows, Kevin
Membership No:20053705
Brown, Fiona
Membership No:20050984
Brown, Wayne
Membership No:20030554
Brunger, Matthew
Membership No:20052304
Cattanach, Sean
Membership No:20030508
Chesterman, Kenneth John
Membership No:20053400
Dew, Michael James
Membership No:20030022
Dew, Patricia June
Membership No:20030021
Heyes, Laura
Membership No:20053930
Heyes, Lee
Membership No:20052764
Higginson, Maxene
Membership No:20051017
Humphries, Terry
Membership No:20051528
Kalcutt, Amrit Pal Singh
Membership No:20053515
Kessler, James Lewis
Membership No:20053071
King, Caroline
Membership No:20053931
Loh, Teo Kwang
Membership No:20030003
Mitchell, Augustus
Membership No:20054862
Nicholls, Ashley
Membership No:20053120
Nicholls, Trevor
Membership No:20030002
Robinson, Brian Mark
Membership No:20050751
Sanderson, jessica
Membership No:20054139
Sutherill, David
Membership No:20050859
Talbott, Lynette
Membership No:20053943
Twelvetree, Darren
Membership No:20051921
Walton, Kenneth James
Membership No:20030292
Showing all 26 Tutors
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