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Welcome to the BTC







Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 16th July 2020: 

A number of documents relating to the reopening of our Taekwondo schools and dojangs have been sent to our member organisations. Please contact your member organisation of the BTC for a copy of all docuemnts. 

The devolved administrations have their own criteria and anticipated dates for return to both outdoor and indoor activities.  Clubs must refer to their home country government guidance and align it with the NGB supporting attachments.


The BTC advises that clubs in all countries review the documents with the understanding:

  • Scotland, as at 17th July 2020, no indoor activity, expected 31st July; refer to Attachment 1 for outdoor guidelines
  • England, as at 17th July 2020, refer to Attachment 1 for updated outdoor guidelines
  • England, from 25th July 2020, indoor activity may resume if prepared and safe to do so; clubs to align with Attachment 4
  • Wales, as at 17th July 2020, no indoor activity, expected 30th July; outdoor guidelines detailed in Attachment 1
  • Northern Ireland, as at 17th July 2020, indoor activity permitted, refer to Attachment 4; refer to Attachment 1 for outdoor guidelines

This pandemic continues to evolve and guidelines are subject to change.  BTC instructors must at all times refer to the BTC guidelines, policies and procedures, however common sense should ensure that all participants, spectators, etc, are kept safe and have a clear understanding of the club’s operating procedures.

BTC Executive

15th June 2020, updated 17th July 2020: The British Taekwondo Council have issued updated NGB Guidance and a Risk Assessment tool for use by BTC Club Instructors to facilitate the safe Return to Play, in line with Sport England guidelines


NSPCC/CPSU Advanced Standards in Safeguarding

BTC has worked hard for many years to achieve Advanced Standards in Safeguarding.  All BTC clubs are entitled to display the following NSPCC/CPSU logo when accompanied by the statement detailed:


Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts

The British Taekwondo Council are working closely with Sport England and the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts. BTC Ltd are fully committed to the safeguarding code and a safe club.  Currently the BTC Ltd hold advanced standards in safeguarding and fulfil the safety code as stated on their website

To find out more information visit here  

Important: At this time no BTC Club must contact either of the above as the executive of BTC Ltd are working with Educare and Sport England to ascertain a process for cross recognition of National Governing Body and the Safeguarding Code.









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