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The British Taekwondo Council

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Recognised as the National Governing Body
for Taekwondo in the UK
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United Kingdom I.T.F

UK ITF: United Kingdom I.T.F

TKD Centre
The Unit
Victoria Lane
Contact: UK ITF Administration
T:01895 459947
F:01895 430257
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About United Kingdom I.T.F

International Taekwon-Do FederationUK ITF are considered one of the most successful Taekwon-Do groups within the UK. Our classes are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. Our high standards and quality of students have always been among the best world wide. Under the guidance of Grand Master Nicholls IX Dan ITF we can offer more than any other group within the UK. From internationally recognised Degree, Instructor and Examiner qualifications, to access to national and international competitions and seminars.

Our full time and professionally run administration backs up our highly trained Instructors enabling them to provide the best learning experience to you and your family. All our staff are fully vetted, insured and have passed the DBS Enhanced check which ensures they are suitable to teach Taekwon-Do to the public. They regularly attend NGB (National Governing Body), UK ITF and external training courses to ensure they are up to date with the latest teaching practises.

We are constantly working to ensure our members are receiving the best possible tuition from our Instructors, and remain dedicated to continual growth and support through learning and training together in the art of Taekwon-Do.

We would be pleased to accept any application for membership from any ITF or Non ITF group wishing to follow  the path of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX Degree, son of our Founder. We are able to offer a certificate exchange program, this is based on each individual case and it may be possible to exchange your current certification for an authentic ITF certificate. For more information or confidential chat Contact Us 

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